Puzzle Pots
Unique, Hand-made Pottery, since 2007
Toscha in North Carolina said, "You're darn right!  I love them.  I can't wait for you to come to my house so I can host!  Please, please, please."


This is Miska. 
Miska LOVES his Puzzle Pot.

Sarah in North Carolina said,
"In the world of pottery, there aren't many new things under the sun. 
Your bowls are a nice NEW thing".

Rebecca in New Mexico said, "Bravo!  Thank you for making our set.  They look great and we've already had compliments from our friends who have 'seen it all'..."

Alex in North Carolina said, " Well.  It happened.  I've started my pottery collection.  :)" 

Adrianna in New Hampshire said, "Thank you, Puzzle Pots.  Thank you for your creativity, thank you for your patience and thank you for creating something that we can both enjoy!"

Thomas in D.C. said, "Where have you been?  This, THIS is the pottery I've been looking for."

Micka in Virginia said, "I was curious what a Puzzle Pot was.  Now I know; and it's a conversation piece in my living room."

Tyesha in North Carolina said, "The magnets were perfect.  Our whole family loved them."

Patrick in Florida said, "Yes. Yes. Yes.  Finally contemporary pottery that has an edge!  Seriously... Thank you."

Theresa in Georgia said, "The ornaments are perfect!  Thank you for taking the time to spell everything correctly... our names are harder than most.  :)  So glad they fit together- they are our new center ornaments on the tree."

Neal in California said, "Thanks for matching our bowls!  The color is perfect and the set looks great in our kitchen."

Michelle in Connecticut said, "Lila Belle, We could not be happier with our Puzzle Pot!  Fits in the living room in our little cabin perfectly and the red is precisely the right shade.  Pops right out.  Thank you my friend, thank you."

Susan in Virginia said, "I got the fridge pot on Thursday and it's perfect!  Thank you so much for creating another custom piece for me."

Sharon in Virginia said, "I received the Puzzle Pot today in perfect condition!  I love the color and I know that my sister will too.  I am so glad that I kept your business card!"

Diane in New Jersey said, "I received my ornaments today - they are perfect - I've been purchasing ornaments for my grandchildren for the last 30 years and each year I try to come up with a unique ornament - these are just what 'Santa' ordered!  Thank you and best wishes to you and Puzzle Pots."

Colleen in New Jersey said, "Just wanted to say that we really love the business card holder!"

Carla in Kentucky said, "I received the magnets today.  They're beautiful!!"

James in South Carolina said, "Now that is what I'm talking about!  Awesome idea!!"

Claudia in Kentucky said, "I was very happy that you were able to take my order and surprised by how quickly I got it.  Thank you for taking the time to talk with me and understand exactly what I wanted. 
I asked - You delivered."
  Nancy and Beth in South Carolina said, "I had to tell you that we opened the small test thingie to check out the color against the test we painted on the wall and it is PERFECT!  It is so beautiful with the paint.  Can’t wait till the construction is finished and the new furniture is in place and our bowl and remote holder are in their places.  Thank you for such beautiful work!"