Puzzle Pots
Unique, Hand-made Pottery, since 2007

Puzzle Pots and More!

Puzzle Pots and Puzzle Pot Products come in various sizes, shapes and colors!  

 Minis, Candy Dishes, XSmall through XLarge, Bread Bowls, Square Bowls and Doubles are just some of the products we create.  

We can create sets of matching dishes or use a variance of colors.  Our bowls are created using non-toxic clays and glazes (as per the manufacturers), so our dishes are Decorative AND Functional!

Other than bowls, our products vary in size, shape and functionality.  Enjoy decorative roses, bud vases and large flower vases, magnets, ornaments, business card holders and more...

Each Piece is Hand-Created and Hand-Glazed, so no two pieces are ever the same.

We can customize to your individual needs and offer wholesale pricing for larger quantities. 

Perfect for Anniversaries, Weddings, Parties, Gift Baskets, Center Pieces, and more!