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Each Puzzle Pot™ is made with Lead-Free clays and glazes and is considered food safe by the individual manufacturers.

Please note that each Puzzle Pot™ has felt on the bottom of each foot.  When needed, Puzzle Pots™ should be hand washed with the felt bottoms taken into consideration.  Some of our other products have magnets, felt, hoses and other possible attached pieces - please take care when handling or cleaning. 

If your pottery ware should break, please note that all pieces will be razor sharp!!  Handle with care.  Puzzle Pots™ is not responsible for any injury to persons or damage to personal property resulting from the use or misuse of our products. 

While Puzzle Pots™ products are considered oven-safe, it is NOT recommended to put Puzzle Pots™ in the oven, dishwasher or microwave.  The edges are part of their unique design and we hate to see them broken. 

MUGS : Dishwasher and Microwave SAFE.

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