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Puzzle Pot™ - A unique style of pottery, focusing on the edges of the "pots", bowls, vases, etc; while incorporating individual puzzle pieces into the overall designs.   

The Idea:

The idea stemmed from a bad day at work and a need to vent through the clay.  After slicing and dicing, Belle had come up with an unusual piece of pottery that Mark (her husband) started calling a "Puzzle Pot".  That very first piece led to a creative conversation and the end result were pottery wares that transitioned into the Puzzle Pots™ we know today. 

The Puzzle Piece:

Puzzles are a household staple, and have been for a very long time.  Like pottery - they take patience, thought, skill, seeing the whole picture before it's through, ingenuity and cleverness.  Also like pottery - Puzzles can be divided into categories and come in various forms.  Our pottery incorporates these ideas.

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