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Lila "Belle" Bennett grew up in Wiscasset Maine, in a family that encouraged art.  From a young age, Belle enjoyed all forms of art - including painting, drawing, theatre, music, and of course - pottery.    In college, she studied Public Relations and Theatre.  When she met her husband (Mark), he continued to encourage her art leading up to the artistic creation and beginning of Puzzle Pots.  Mark has supported Belle in starting the business, building the brand, attaining the trademark, and following her dreams.  Ten Years have passed since the first Puzzle Pot was created and even after all that time, Belle still creates every unique piece of pottery by hand.  As the business has grown, she has branched out pieces of her design and added new products every year. Puzzle Pot products can be found in shops and galleries across the Southeast and have gone to live full-time in households around the world.  To keep up with demand, Belle relies on a few helping hands from time to time, including her mom (Laura), her dad (Luke) and specifically select friends (Sarah and Jean).   She has earned or been given several awards and recognitions throughout her career as a working artist, most recently, she was invited to become a recurring guest lecturer at UNC-Asheville. 

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